FOREWORDWelcome to our sixth edition of Xtinct dedicated to 'Natures Guardians' – Elephants and Trees.

This edition encapsulates our unyielding gratitude to Nature's Guardians—the ones that steadfastly embody the essence of our planet's beauty and resilience. We invite you to journey with us through their world, explore the intricate threads that bind us to these wonders, and join the chorus of voices advocating for their protection. We explore their intertwining narratives, their significance in sustaining ecosystems, and the vital roles they play in preserving our planet's vitality.

Amidst the challenges our world faces, the stories within these pages remind us of the profound interconnectedness that unites us with nature, from the smallest creatures to impressive and awe-inspiring elephants and trees. Their preservation is not just a matter of environmental concern; it's a testament to our shared humanity and the legacy we leave for the generations ahead.

As we honour the majestic elephants and venerable trees that stand as Nature's Guardians, we must also recognize the guardianship we each hold over this planet. Just as these guardians protect their ecosystems, so too must we shield our shared home. By uniting our efforts, we can overcome the challenges that threaten the delicate balance of nature and secure a thriving world for future generations.

These stories remind us that our collective responsibility extends beyond the pages of this magazine. It is a call to action, a summons to embrace our roles as stewards of Earth's wonders.

Our world is at war, but it's not only the war of men that should concern us; it's the ongoing war to save this planet we call home. We fight the poachers, the polluters, the corrupt who seek to line their pockets at the expense of nature. But in the throes of battle, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture. We become fixated on one battle, one cause. And although every battle and every small step taken is a step closer to victory, it is an insular victory. I can't help but be concerned that we have forgotten that we are 'one'. Your war, is my war, is our war, and if we are truly to succeed, we must remember that only if we unite as 'one' can we move forward.

Join us as we journey into the world of Nature's Guardians, where elephants roam with regal grace and ancient trees stand as sentinels of time. Let their narratives inspire us to rise as guardians of our shared home, to bridge the gaps between our battles, and to recognize that united, we can create a harmonious symphony of conservation that resonates far beyond these pages.
Cameron Bramley