Echoes of Untamed BeautyIn lands where the sun sets golden and grand,
A gentle giant roams, a king of all the land.
With ivory tusks, eyes deep and wise,
The majestic elephant, a sight to prize.
In savannahs vast, they wander free,
A symphony of grace for all to see.
With each mighty step, the earth will tremble,
Their presence, a reminder to be humble.
Their memory is profound; they never forget,
The bonds they form, a love they beget.
In herds they gather, a family so strong,
Through joys and sorrows, they journey along.
With trunks held high, they trumpet their cheer,
An anthem of unity, loud and clear.
Their empathy is endless, their kindness untold,
In their gentle souls, stories of wisdom unfold.
In secret whispers, their secrets reside,
Of ancient tales passed down inside.
They carry the weight of time's ancient lore,
A heritage is woven forevermore.
But alas, their world is not all serene,
Their existence is threatened, a plight unforeseen.
For ivory's allure, greed rears its head,
Leaving trails of sorrow and untold bloodshed.
We raise our voices, we take a stand,
To protect these giants across the land.
For in their presence, our world finds peace,
A reminder that harmony can never cease.
The mighty elephants, guardians of the wild,
Their beauty and strength are forever compiled.
May their footsteps echo through endless time,
A testament to nature's majestic rhyme.