Innovative Solutions 
to TACKLING Ocean Plastic Pollution
Author: Katherine Pretorius Ocean plastic pollution is a well-known environmental crisis that poses a significant threat to marine ecosystems. According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), a staggering 8 million tonnes of plastic find their way into the sea each year. To combat this pressing issue, various innovative inventions have emerged, joining the battle against oceanic plastic waste. Let's explore seven of these groundbreaking solutions that are making a positive impact:
Edible packaging for water: Traditional water bottles contribute to the plastic pollution problem due to their extensive usage. However, scientists have developed an ingenious alternative: edible seaweed packaging. These innovative packages allow users to consume a sphere of water without generating any waste. By providing a sustainable and eco-friendly solution, edible packaging aims to reduce plastic pollution associated with conventional water bottles.

The world's largest ocean cleanup system: One determined individual took it upon himself to create the world's first oceanic cleanup system. Resembling a "giant Pac-Man," this innovative device roams the ocean, collecting plastic and debris along its path. It is currently en route to the Great Pacific garbage patch, an area where an estimated 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic debris have accumulated. This ambitious project holds the promise of significantly reducing plastic waste in our oceans.

Naked cosmetics: Naked cosmetics refer to cosmetic products that come without traditional plastic packaging. Instead, they are often presented as soap and bath bars with delightful fragrances. Many users claim that these naked cosmetics outperform their packaged counterparts. For example, a British Cosmetics company offers a range of enticing soap bars that are sustainable alternatives for the benefit of both their bodies and the oceans.
The Seabin Project: The Seabin Project has an intriguing origin story, starting with an inventor who worked in plastic production. Realising the wastefulness and unnecessary nature of his creations, he decided to take a different path. Today, the Seabin Project produces literal "sea bins" that collect garbage from the sea wherever they are installed. These innovative bins can even capture oil and fuels, providing a multi-purpose solution for tackling ocean pollution.

The toothpaste pill: Believe it or not, a company has developed a toothpaste pill, eliminating the need for traditional toothpaste packaging. This firm aims to reduce plastic waste associated with oral care products by simply replacing toothpaste with a small pill. This innovative approach demonstrates that sustainable alternatives can be found even in our daily hygiene routines.

Eco six-pack rings: Saltwater Brewery has come up with an ingenious solution to address the plastic waste generated by traditional six-pack rings. They have designed edible six-pack rings that marine mammals can safely consume. This eco-friendly alternative reduces the risk of entanglement and ingestion for marine life.

These innovative inventions provide hope in the fight against oceanic plastic pollution. By addressing different aspects of plastic waste generation and disposal, they contribute to the overall effort of preserving our oceans and marine ecosystems.
As awareness of the plastic problem continues to grow, more groundbreaking solutions are likely to emerge, offering sustainable alternatives and inspiring individuals and industries to adopt more eco-friendly practices. Together, we can make a difference and protect our oceans for future generations.