Echoes of a Forest The forest had once stood proud and tallThe forest had once stood proud and tall, a canopy of green, a living wall.

A place of peace, of life and grace, now vanished, without a trace.

The trees were felled, one by one, their lifeless bodies, baking in the sun.

The animals fled, with nowhere to go, their homes destroyed, their fate a woe.

The land was cleared, for man's own gain, a sad tale of loss, of needless pain.

The forest's plight, a tragic tale, of man's greed, his lust to prevail.

But hope remains, for all is not lost, the forest can recover, at any cost.

We can plant anew, and let it grow, and watch it thrive, in its natural glow.

For the forest is a vital part of our earth, A place of wonder, of immeasurable worth.

We must preserve it, for our children's sake, And for the sake of all that's at stake.