A Tale of Sir Fungus and the Crobe Army Hanna SwanepoelAs I sat in the midst of the chaos, memories of a time long gone flashed through my mind. The land was once lush and vibrant, teeming with life and energy. But now, The Above was a place of destruction, with the boots of men pounding the earth like a relentless drumbeat.

The Reds were falling. Their cries echoing through the interconnected link that bound us all together. The giants wept as they tumbled down, their once-mighty forms crashing to the ground with an earth shattering thud.

We Below, had known that this day would come. We had received the messages from afar. King Nematode and Sir Fungus had heard the same ominous news from the Core Keepers, deep beneath our feet.

We huddled together, waiting for the worst to come.

None went unscathed by the pain emanating from The Above. We felt it like an open wound, our hearts heavy with grief and fear. And then the alarm sounded.

Sir Fungus sprang into action, his sword gleaming in the dim light. The Crobe army rallied behind him, ready to do battle for the sake of those in danger. Like frenzied ants the Flagellums darted to and fro, the Worm Stations bustling with activity.

But even as we worked to prepare for the journey ahead, the ground shook beneath us. Another giant had fallen, its massive form crashing to the earth in a thunderous roar.

A moments silence for the fallen, a tribute to their sacrifice in the face of destruction.
As we journeyed onward, I thought back to the battles we had fought before. The Humans had brought fire and devastation to the land and many of The Above had been lost in the blaze. But even then, Sir Fungus had shown us the way. We had brought water and nutrients to the scorched earth, helping her to heal and thrive, her spirit sore once more.

Now, as we arrived at Red Station filled with dread and sorrow, I saw something that gave me hope. A seedling!

Wriggling beneath the soil, a tiny beacon of life amidst the devastation.

Perhaps there was hope after all ….