Mother NaturePhoto Credit: Solly LeviErica JohnsonI send a crystal shimmer that covers the earth
with new prospects of fertilisation growing from my
ever-evolving circle of life.
I bring disasters to transform and sunshine to warm.
I bring cold and snow, let the earth glow
with blankets looking like fluffy white clouds
high on every mountaintop.
Every landscape of flowers and seedling of grass
grow in wide open spaces and fields across
For as far as the eye can see, every beautiful
mystery is the wonder of me.
Mother Nature is my name; nothing will ever
replace my fame.
I was created to hold the framework of this
place we call earth together like concrete holds a wall.
Not man-made or fake, but with poise, elegance and grace
I give our planet a Marvellous face.
Whirlwinds and showers, rainbows and sun-filled powers,
That is my game.
Don't destroy me or hate me; love and respect me.
For I am Mother Nature and will always be free.