FOREWORDAre WE Strong Enough?

As an average person, doing the work that I do, I often wonder whether the human race has the wherewithal to save the planet. We are in the midst of the 6th extinction, does that mean it is simply too late to try? I would like to think that we could, perhaps that’s naïve and not informed, the bigger question is would it help if I was informed and what could I do with that knowledge.

Saving the planet in any form is really difficult work, the challenges are far greater than the rewards. Being informed is powerless without action and action is what the planet needs. The further we get into the climate change issues the more noise there is. The last COP 27 was testament countries coming together to urgently speak out loudly and demand change.

What does strength mean exactly. I believe every person that suffered from flooding, food shortages, no shelter, fire and other catastrophes are in fact the people that are strong enough, let’s perhaps give those people a name, perhaps “Hope Handlers”, the other people I think are strong enough are the people that rally together to help hope handlers.

I believe people who have suffered hardship are of stronger character than people that haven’t. I think there is a large possibility that the weak are the strong, for who better understands hunger than the hungry, who better understands the needs of the hungry than those that get in the trenches to feed them.

Humanity needs to know that the less we act on issues of climate change, the more strength we will need to handle the plethora of climate-based disasters that are inevitable. We all need to become Hope Handlers.

Cameron Bramley