FOREWORDI had the pleasure of attending the Wilderness Africa Foundation’s 50th Birthday celebration a short week ago. There is little doubt in my mind that without nature conservation and climate change organisations humanity would be a failed society. The extraordinary work Wilderness Africa has achieved in its 50 Years is incredible and leaves me in awe. It is with this in mind that this edition of Xtinct, will focus on caged lion hunting and the nearly impossible task of closing a down a bloodshed industry of animal cruelty.

The first edition of Xtinct enjoyed over 100000 readers and reached in excess of 3.5 million people around the world. It is vital that we keep growing our awareness and do everything we can to help make the changes we need to, in order to save our planet. I want to thank everyone for their input into this edition and look forward to a great read and learning more.
Cameron Bramley