XtinctCameron Bramley As I sit atop the highest mountain of my life I shade my eyes towards the future. I’m afraid to tell you what I see. The truth has become a dead tree.

The carcasses of all wildlife lie silhouetted by a blacked out polluted sunset. Nothing that once was beautiful, exists.

The sawdust from mowed down trees makes it hard to breath
The seas pulsate with fiery black oil spills
Sea life has become sea dead

Humanity’s global village is now a dry blooded footprint
Once we were told it might be too late
Now we are old and have sealed all mankind’s fate

The wind sweeps through the black rain air
Rivers have burst their banks with blood
Day has become night, night has become terror

The world bank has closed, its clients are gone.
Corporate greed made it into the global hall of Shame
Anyone that once thought they tried
Lie in a monument of sorts called the Profits of Doom

And so the story was told