TUSKSpellCasterAs my foot falls through the rain drop sunrise sky,
It crashes to the ground with wet dust reverberating off the dry wet earth
Giant like, a day in the life of an elephant begins

I am larger than life but afraid of bees
I travel in herds and love my family
I am a fierce matriarch, dare not touch my young
I roam the great planes of the world, free

I am your heritage, your tourism, your paperback and magazine cover
I am your tourism, your economy and your game drive
I am your children’s awe, your grandchild’s inheritance and a storytellers dream
I am your paperback, your movie prop, and your sundowner waterhole drink
I am at the end of your paintbrush, your pencil, your camera and binoculars

All that I am to you is pure and true

Fast forward Fifteen years
I am but a skeleton in a museum. I’m not endangered I am extinct
I have been hunted, slaughtered, trafficked and sold
I have become everything you wanted of me on a mantle piece in your ivory homes


Save me from becoming a future child’s shame