Whispers of the Wise OakI stand tall, rooted deep in earth's embrace, a silent witness to life's ebb and flow.
Through seasons danced and weathered storms, I face, a humble sentinel, the tree that's grown.

Beneath the sunlight's gentle kiss, I thrive; my leaves an emerald cloak, a crown of green.

With each breath, I exhale a gift alive, releasing oxygen, a sacred sheen.
My branches reach like arms to touch the sky, caressed by winds that whisper nature's song.

In each sway, a whispered lullaby, a gentle rhythm that has played so long.
I've seen the world in cycles, swift and slow, as generations come, and seasons pass.
From tender sapling to a tree aglow, I've witnessed life's continuum en masse.
Creatures find solace in my welcoming shade, nesting birds and squirrels that nimbly roam.

A sanctuary where dreams are gently laid, a haven where the weary find a home.
But time weaves its patterns through my rings, each mark a story etched within my core. The joys, the sorrows, all that life brings, a tapestry of memories I store.
And when my final days draw near, I know I'll nourish the earth, become a cradle's bed.

From my decay, new life will gently grow, a legacy of love, long after I've shed.
So, let me stand, rooted in earth's embrace, a witness to the wonders that unfold.
Through life's ephemeral beauty and grace, I am the tree, a story yet untold.