Where The Whispers MeetHow helpful was I today in sustaining the answers to the whispering of trees, plants, and creatures?
Looking into the eyes of a fly
sitting near me, kind of bothersome, but on close inspection
seeing the most serious washing of feet
and two tiny wings.
Although a food source for a wide range of insects, reptiles and birds
How easy it is to radicate
A threat to human health
By all means, observe
What can I conserve
If one eats the other?
Are we making a difference in our communities?
Recycling, going vegan, paperless,
Going completely green,
Does any of it help?
Are we really so connected?
Confusing help in a system: where iron is still needed to get water from the soil
Heavy metals and plastic are needed to go paperless
Fuel still needed for manufacturing no-waste plant bags
Using metals in tagging animals
And the list can go on
But all so helpful
Can my little contribution help?
Today I said sorry to a tree because I needed some bark for a rescue slug
Put out a piece of carrot and seeds for a visiting roof rat,
Who decided safety is in numbers and now prefers only to come out and eat seeds with the birds,
And share her food with others
We do make a difference, slight perhaps,
But a difference non-the-less
Your little piece of earth is around you
Listen to the whispers
And do