time for CHANGEAnonymous There once was a time when we could see
That the earth her kin had the right to be free
The wild ones could roam, and the rivers could flow
The birds could fly, and the wind could blow
We understood that for man to live,
We cannot just take, we also must give

But something happened along the way
And the delicate balance began to sway
We forgot that the earth gives the food that we need
The water we drink and the air that we breathe
A place to find shelter from wind and rain
A place to find comfort where once was pain

We chose to ignore all that had been before
And now can’t remember our earth any more
But she remembers the good times we had
Have now been replaced with all that is bad
Her storms are a cry that should not go unheard
They’re a warning to all that she’ll not be deterred
And should we refuse to change our course
She will end us all with little remorse