The Wilderness Movement 
The tragedy of the planet's crisis today is significant - so much so that, at times, those of us working in one way or another to reverse the loss of habitat and species can feel somewhat hopeless. And it's challenging to comprehend why all of us, governments, the corporate world and individuals are not seeing the impacts and destruction we cause, let alone the long-term consequences for the next generations.
It goes without saying that we should all be deeply concerned about the current broader environmental plight, which makes being a part of the Wilderness Movement all the more worthwhile.

There are so many issues that need to be dealt with. One currently grabbing my attention is the notorious predator breeding and canned hunting industries that breed and exploit lions solely for commercial purposes. This has to be one of the more evil ways humans interact with our fellow species. Maybe I am wired differently, but how can any human justify shooting animals for trophies, let alone ones that have been bred for the sole purpose of being killed in enclosed areas by cowardly hunters?

Fortunately, Africa has many excellent lion scientists, researchers and conservationists who stand together in condemning these practices. Their standpoint, which is made by Dr Paul Funston in this issue, is clear: the captive lion breeding industry offers zero conservation value.
However, despite all the environmental destruction, the loss of wildlife and the abuse of animals, many people and organisations are doing great work. I have noticed that the Wilderness Movement is growing, especially concerning sustainable living. This urgent need to embrace sustainability appears to be reaching households and organisations, which is great news. I just hope our societies continue on this path.
My call is simple; Let's stand and act together to reverse the current scenario of environmental destruction and abuse towards animals.
And to those already making a difference, we offer praise for your great work.
Cameron Bramley