THE 'HOLE' IN MY LEAFHanna Swanepoel With my thousand legs running up the bark. Round and round the tree up and up.
Run from the wet ground and waterfall raining from the leaves

Can my feet keep up with reaching my leaf?
Can I keep up if this is lost?

The hole in the leaf

Somebody was hungry

Sun ray peeping through the hole.
Shining joy on my thousand legs, running to and fro
On the other side of the tree I ran over moss, I was just here.

Where am I going?

Is my race against time?
How great I'll feel when I can stay forever,
giving permission for my dream.

Let my light shine through a hole
I can make a difference and do my part,
even with my life in the undergrowth
I would not be here if trees are gone

My leaf is gone
Rain no more
Sunshine no more

Pondering what is meant for me and my leaf

But far scarier is a dream that may not be,

There is more to my world

....Promise taken