The Giant and the TreeCameron BramleyAnd so the story goes ……
Up high in the mountains beyond, was rumoured a giant to be
Some say it used to be a tree
Amongst Little Rock towers it sat, thinking on what? Nobody knows
As time past, loggers left old tree parts, Slowly but surely a man was forged
One day after the mist had cleared, a giant amongst a few left over trees appeared
The tale is told how it grew old clanging away at his Little Rock garden
Some say they saw him walk, even talk but like human kind, he was doomed
The trees he once was, are now all but gone
Tis a human thing, to destroy without cause and burn without thought
So the old giant tree could clearly see
Plant my fellow humans, plant all you can and as far as you can see,
For one day there might, just like me, be only me and a few left over trees -Alone.