The Cry of the Wolf
Shaun Ellis and His Extraordinary Bond with Wild Wolves 
Throughout history, different cultures have experienced the Wolf in different ways. Amoung First Nation communities, the Wolf is significant because of its similarity to humans. Both Wolves and people share common traits like hunting, gathering, defending and educating their tribe or pack. As a family-oriented animal, the Wolf is highly esteemed for its lifelong partnership with a mate and its ability to protect and nurture its young until they are self-sufficient.
Traditionally, hunters would adorn their canoes with lightning snakes featuring the head of Wolves, believing that the hunting skills of the animal would help enhance their skills while on the water. Some First Nations people view Wolves as the reincarnation of deceased hunters and pay homage to them by impersonating the animal during ceremonies.

Shaun Ellis is a man whose heart beats to the rhythm of the wilderness. A British animal researcher and wildlife expert, Ellis is renowned for his extraordinary bond with wolves. His incredible journey led him to the heart of Wyoming, USA, where he lived amongst a pack of wild wolves, immersing himself in their primal world.

Ellis's spiritual connection with these majestic creatures runs deep, as he devoted his life to understanding and protecting them. With his unbreakable bond with the wolf pack, Ellis teaches us the secrets of the wild and the magic that happens when we learn to live in harmony with nature.
Ellis first became interested in wolves as a child and later studied animal behaviour and biology at the University of Leeds. In 1991, he travelled to the United States to work with a captive pack of wolves to better understand their behaviour and social structures.
In 2000, Ellis took his work with wolves to the next level. He spent over two years living among the wolves, studying their behaviour and developing a deep bond with them.

During this time, Ellis learned their language and communication methods and gained their trust and acceptance as a member of their pack. He observed their social structures and behaviours and was even accepted as a babysitter for the wolf pups.

Ellis' work with the wolves has challenged many negative stereotypes and myths surrounding these animals. He has shown that wolves are highly intelligent, empathetic, and social creatures with much to teach us about ourselves and our relationships with other animals and nature.

He founded the Shaun Ellis Wolf Pack Foundation to educate people about wolves and promote their protection and conservation.

Shaun's work with wolves has challenged stereotypes and myths about these animals and inspired him to advocate for their protection and conservation. His experience shows us the importance of understanding and respecting wild animals and the unique connections that we can form with them.
Shaun said, "It was really evident that what we were learning from a scientific point of view from wolves wasn't very much. The Native Americans I lived with knew far more about wolves than we ever did. I believe it was because they had the time to live alongside these creatures, to share their world."