Planet Savers Promise Photo Credit: Solly LeviThere is a deep humming of sadness rolling over the plains of life as we know it, a sadness so deep it threatens the very fabric of life in the next 50 years. The world as we know it will end. 1000000 species of animals will go extinct, global warming will have reached disastrous proportions, and humanity will suffer more than ever before. We need people filled with HOPE and INSPIRATION to help.

Therefore, as a member of the human race, I choose to make a promise to Mother Earth.

The Planet Savers Promise.
  1. Every day I have left, I will try to consider my footprint on the earth; I will try to minimise it more every day
  2. I will take time to remind myself what this world would be without wild animals and bees
  3. I will choose products that are gentler for the environment
  4. I will teach my children the importance of conservation
  5. I will not litter
  6. I will surround myself with like-minded planet-saving people
  7. I will stand up against those that harm the environment
  8. I will support a wildlife or conservation charity that can help me make a difference
  9. I will go and spend time in nature as often as possible