PAUSE to PonderEarth WalkerBoom Boom Bang Bang, imagine yourself a GIANT, striding in mountain size steps across the planes of earth. Rhythm or song accompanies you, a journey not to be missed.

Step into the seas

Your foot comes crashing down in a tidal wave of water

Pause to Ponder

The scourge of plastic, once rainbow like reefs now dull and grey. There is too little sea life to notice them swim in terror, in the distance a long line net carries a massacred population on its way to feed a few restaurants and families for a week.

Step from sea to the wild planes of Africa

Pause to Ponder

Hornless Rhino, carcasses of wildlife amongst genocidal armies of blood diamond funded warfare. Wildlife startles powerless in your presence. Millions of children stand rib cage protruding, hunger pang breathless, forgotten.

Step across into Europe

Pause to Ponder

A union of countries and mixed cultures, from terrorists hiding in caves to a prime Minister called Boris. A country with so many people they bury you standing up, nuclear weapons sprawled in secret places, waiting for an inevitable day.

Step onto the North Pole

Pause to Ponder

As your giant foot lands, you squelch knee deep into melted ice, blocks float around you with junkyard dog looking polar bears, paws over their dead young ones who have passed from hunger and oil spills. A wave passes from yet another piece of ice mountain cracking into the sea.

Step Across to America

Pause to Ponder

Fires burn while democracy is being looted out of the fabric of a once great country, destroyed by a people that thought Donald was great guy. A person gets killed and a global race matters movement spreads violently across the globe. Forests turned to burger boxes and buildings.

Step right into Silicon Valley

Pause to a Ponder

Multibillion-dollar companies that make money off a tech called social, social that has made humanity anti-Social, families watch their phones and not each other, the most important picture is a selfie. Tech that has brought porn to our children, stalkers into our lives, the big beady eye that watches every move we make, we the people are the lab rats.

Step in South Africa

Pause to Ponder

A rainbow nation farce, litter piled outside informal homes occupied by citizens from another corrupt country, small towns once home to many now destroyed by lazy thieves that rob you at night during load shedding. Bodies of women and children lie raped and beaten in lawless homes behind closed curtains. A place where nothing matters but an abundance of blame from an action less people.

Stop wait, jump through space to the Moon.

Turn back, Earth

Pause to Ponder

A once bright blue planet now covered in smog so thick it looks sick, a planet that once had space, now the only space left is social distance, a planet that once loved us, only to have us do the inevitable human thing.

Jump GIANTLIKE back to your beginning point, downsize to normal. Consider very carefully your next step. It could just be the last.