OMNIACommitted to a Greener WorldPhoto Credit: Solly LeviOmnia External CommsOmnia is an international, diversified, sustainable group of businesses recognized for leading the change from chemicals to green chemicals, biotech and biomolecular solutions, offering network-created, innovative technologies that protect all life.Omnia was recently awarded the 2022 CFI Best Sustainable Diversified Chemicals Group in Africa. Omnia Group's CEO, Seelan Gobalsamy, says: "Omnia's culture of responsible innovation, approach to R&D and a solutions-driven legacy continue to strengthen our position.We remain relentless in our pursuit to ensure sustainable contributions by consistently leveraging these differentiators. I am proud of the role each of our 4200 employees plays in driving success for our customers and partners and, equally, enhancing the value delivered to societies and the environment."Omnia's Agriculture focus is to bolster soil healthSince Omnia's inception almost 70 years ago, the group has consistently pioneered innovative products, services and technologies that have resulted in impactful customer and societal value. Its agricultural proposition, Omnia Nutriology®, was first to market with its liquid fertilizer range, which has paved the way for precision agriculture as it is known today. Omnia's liquid products, containing accurate ratios of various macronutrients and micronutrients, are customized to address specific crop and grower requirements. The product range enables farmers to allocate input nutrients more efficiently, optimizing yields and financial returns.

Omnia Nutriology® employs 12 core principles that ensure the success and sustainability of all. These solutions include unique services such as OMNI-PRECISE® and OMNISAP®, which focus on improving water efficiency, nutrient use efficiency, crop quality and yield. OMNIBIO® protects soil health and biodiversity using biotech, biomolecular solutions, microbial products, and bio-stimulants.

Omnia OMNI-PRECISE® applies technology to provide a holistic precision farming package suited to the specific farm. Available solutions include OMNIZONE™ and OMNIRIS K-IQ™, which use historical yield data from yield monitors or satellite imagery to divide the land into management zones. These zones can then be treated according to their production potential to ensure that valuable resources like water and fertilizer are not wasted on marginal soil but that the right investments are made to ensure yield and quality.
Thanks to satellite imagery and the unique algorithms created and tested by Omnia, a farmer can now continuously monitor the nitrogen levels in their crops, possible moisture deficits, and even impending pest and disease outbreaks. Our team of agriculturists has access to the most advanced environmentally friendly products and provides specific, innovative, and responsible agricultural solutions to ensure sustainability while protecting natural resources.

With good soil health a key challenge for every farmer worldwide, Omnia is at the forefront of providing pioneering solutions with wide applicability. Omnia Australia is a leader in the manufacture of K-humate products – a rich, humic-based soil conditioner and bio-stimulant that positively impacts soil and plant health. Humic acids are naturally derived from the breakdown of plant and microbial matter, which form the foundation of all fertile soils. Humic acids enhance nutrient efficacy and significantly reduce leeching, waste and nitrogen emissions.
K-humate thus has the potential to further improve farmer yields, the quality of produce, profits and business competitiveness by increasing fertilizer efficiency, improving water holding capacity, bolstering the penetration and retention of calcium in the soil and enhancing good soil structure and fertility."We continue to expand access to our K-humate products, exporting humic acid coatings to countries with poor soil environments – exacerbated by dry conditions, scarce irrigation sources and old soil – in East Africa the SADC and South America. Our offerings continue to play a major role in bolstering macadamia production in Mozambique, and in the Kenyan avocado, wheat and soybean markets," says James Freemantle, managing director at Omnia Specialities Australia.