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The common misconceptions that our nation has harboured concerning hemp are finally witnessing a narrative change which is long overdue! Tony Budden, the co-founder of Hemporuim, and Duncan Parker, co-founding partner and CEO, have achieved monumental success in their hemp-based consumer products, available through the Hemporuim retail website and soon, through the recently erected Cape town-based hemp building project. The genius behind this incredible initiative, Hemporuim, boasts several previous successes, having constructed Africa's first hemp home, and was chosen to be featured in the World Design Capital project in 2014

Founding partners, Duncan Parker and Tony Budden
Partnering with local companies to see the technicalities of this project break ground included working with Afrimat Hemp, a subsidiary division of Afrimat (Pty) LTD and Wolf and Wolf Architects in capacity as the architectural consultants. Wolf who brought not only their extensive industry experience to the table but also a passion for integrating both form and function along environmentally sound principals in their work. Wolf and Wolf architects have a diverse rich history in South Africa, having been at the frontlines of hemp design and construction since 2011. The House that Hemp built situated in Noordhoek was constructed for Hemporuim co-founder Tony Budden and proceeded to spark interest among South Africans as to the variable adaptive functions of hemp in industry. The company has been involved with a number of similar endeavors since their inspirational work hit the spotlight
Many of the projects facilitated through Wolf and Wolf Architects have sourced hemp construction material locally and by up to 50% in the case of that used to construct the Bo-Kaap double story hemp house, a truly phenomenal testament to design genius in its own right!
Hemp Lends a Helping Hand
While hemp has a rich history of use by our ancestors, reaching back to hemp ropes used by seafarers who sought reliability and strength from the material dating back to the early 1500s B.C. The idea that hemp can replace and exceed environmentally detrimental resource use, which directly correlates with the mass expedition of climate change, has long been a principal focus of Hemporuim, and this new endeavour has given the South African hemp industry a significant helping hand.

Hemp is a resilient plant that requires little or no additive fertilisers or pesticides to grow proficiently. It presents various natural solutions to some of the most critical global climate issues that have seen it heralded as the plant with 1000 uses. The hemp plant grows incredibly fast and, in terms of net value per cultivated hector, out ways almost every domesticated crop currently utilised worldwide.
Bricks made of HempCertain compound attributes coupled with developments attributed to Afrimat Hemp's research endeavours facilitated the production of a unique formulated lime mix that essentially binds the hemp shiv to create a hemp block, which forms the structural component of the massive project. There are specific attributes that make hemp blocks a good choice when it comes to building construction requirements, such as a proactive approach to the environment and the emergence of a viable hemp value chain domestically, which will undoubtedly lead to a mass of hemp construction projects in the future.
The two companies which partnered with Hemporuim to see the vision take life have facilitated a number of environmental and positive economic benefits to the domestic market by incorporating local companies and service providers from the initial design phase.
Building materials made from hempWe are committed to harmony of purpose and form and believe that spaces achieve their full meaning when the natural elements of light, wind and water are in balance with the affairs of human life. – Wolf
The hemp building will play host to various interests centred around the versatility of hemp whilst providing a unique hemp experience to individuals looking for first-hand hemp-inspired hospitality offered through the hotel services.
Hemporuim will occupy a ground floor where shoppers can purchase various hemp products and visit an educational space made available to visitors that will enlighten the conservative mind and facilitate a platform for prospective hemp industry investment and stakeholders.

Tony highlighted some of the challenges Hemporuim has faced in light of continued legislative boundaries and gave perspective on a sector which has seen an endless array of delays, primarily due to intergovernmental inefficiency and miscommunication.
"Two main elements must be addressed if the local hemp sector is to flourish; a concise value chain and sound product foundations". - Tony Budden
In Conclusion
The far-reaching effect and implications of Africa's tallest hemp building have resounding impacts that are by all accounts a testament to the benefits of capitalisation of hemp values, both domestically and internationally. It serves as a clear and definitive reminder that we as a progressive species should look to nature in these troubled times. It brings to mind the question as to why we still embrace and practice archaic, outdated methods enforced in significant part by unrealistic legislative boundaries and delays when we so drastically need to harness the power of nature's wonders, the power of hemp!
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