Photo Credit: Solly LeviAuthor: Teejay Hawker The planet has gone through a rough patch over the last two years, but not all is despair and gloom. Many uplifting and significant events occurred in which we can all take refuge and rejoice in. It goes without saying that the majority of the good news we are able to salvage and celebrate comes from the long-awaited triumph we endured because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the effects we suffered, from losing loved ones to losing our jobs to being confined to our homes.
After all that we had gone through, there was indeed a light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel. Here, we go through the various outstanding achievements and successes attained by people, the kind of good news media we deserve.

At the beginning of the pandemic, times were bleak as we were under the terror of COVID-19. As a species, we learned more deeply how critical personal interactions with loved ones were, and we grew more compassionate and caring for one another as we cherished the little things in life, such as family time. A great takeaway from the past two years is the connections we made as individuals to elevate one another's mental states. For instance, the suicide death rates dramatically declined compared to 2019, before the pandemic consumed the world, as it gradually progressed from a decline of 14% in January 2020 and another 8% in the period of April to June 2020, with an average above 3% decrease for the entire compared to 2019. This much is attributed to the adverse expectation of the pandemic possibly growing the suicide rate due to panic and anxiety; however, we prevailed through the depression states due to shared fellowship as a people.
Photo Credit: Solly LeviHow far we had come, as the good news continued to persevere and grow us stronger and more resilient.
The planet itself seemed to prosper and regain much of its lost nature. It was then that many wild species of the animal kingdom began to return to their natural habitat in various parts of the world, including the cheetah population, which was declared extinct in India in 1952. A few of the success stories of nature giving us good news and hope during the difficult times of the pandemic include the Black Rhinos resurrecting in Namibia's southwestern regions.
In addition, the world's air pollution contribution decreased during the pandemic, which resulted in a cleaner atmosphere. China reduced its Carbon Dioxide emission gas by 25% in the first four weeks of its initial lockdown.
Furthermore, we can rest easy knowing that even in peril and anguish, there is always a positive outtake to absolve yourself.