FOREWORDEND THE INEVITABLEWelcome to the launch edition of Xtinct Magazine – End the Inevitable. What started in lockdown soon became a swirling journey of wonder, honour and respect. Xtinct was launched to drive much-needed awareness to every person of every age in every culture on the planet, awareness designed to rally a global effort to end what seems like an inevitable end.

I consider myself the perfect case study in this regard. I am a middle-aged man who has found it challenging to grasp the nature of climate change and conservation along with its scientific news flashes written in a language difficult to understand.

Our goal for Xtinct is to rally global thought leaders, writers and photographers to help drive awareness that is easy to understand by everyone who reads it. Through an easier understanding of climate change and conservation, we will be able to increase the awareness to levels that can move the needle enough to make the vital changes we need to make as a society.

We ask in humility and hope that you help us achieve this goal.
Cameron Bramley