Echoes from the SkiesIn the skies, I soar, an eagle proud and strong,
With eyes that witness Earth's destruction, oh so wrong
From lofty heights, I gaze upon a wounded land,
Where greed and negligence have taken a heavy hand
Once vibrant forests stretched in endless green,
Now reduced to ashes, a tragic, heartbreaking scene
Rivers once pure and crystal clear,
Now tainted with pollutants, a sad frontier
I witness the plight of creatures, great and small,
Their habitats vanishing, as progress claims it all
The delicate balance disrupted, harmony lost,
As human hands inflict an unforgiving cost
I mourn the loss of species, their voices now gone,
Extinction's bitter symphony, a mournful song
From majestic mountains to the depths of the sea,
Man's reckless actions threaten Earth's diversity
Yet, in my eagle heart, a glimmer of hope remains,
For I see resilient souls fighting against the strains
The voices rise, demanding change and a better way,
To heal the wounds inflicted, to protect and to sway
We must join wings, humans and eagles as one,
To mend the damage, to restore what's been undone
For in my eyes a plea is expressed,
to cherish and preserve the Earth with which we are blessed.
May we learn from the past, take heed of our plight,
And ensure a future where harmony takes flight
Together, let us rise, like eagles in the sky,
To safeguard our planet, before it's time to say goodbye