DIAMONDSuzanne MondouxDeep from the belly of the earth
I am found
I am found in stars
I am found all around
You smile at me as I sparkle back at you
I’m the diamond you find so beautiful
But you don’t really know where I come from
I’m a promise of love and hope
I’m a promise of so many dreams
I’m the diamond from this earth
Diamond from the land that is wild
Diamond from a land that is pure
Diamond from a place that is whole
I am found to beautify
What is left behind when I am found
You can have me but with balance
How is this reached
Whose hand did it come from
Whose life did it come from
Diamond from a land of cries
Diamond from a land of blood
Diamond of despair
Diamond of conflict
Diamond of the free
Can the two really be
Where do I come from
I’m a diamond in the rough
To be polished and beautified
I’m in a place to dangle
Then put away
To raise me, I’m locked away
To showcase me, you show me off
I’m diamond from a place that no long is
Diamond of promise for so many

‘Human beings’ coexistence with Animal Beings’ will be the Humans’ greatest victory’. – Suzanne Mondoux