Beyond the VeilPagan PretoriusIn the depths of the wilds, beyond human sight,
there's a force of energy, a power and might
A presence that calls from beyond the veil,
whispers of wisdom, that never fail

They are spirit animals, beings of great grace,
majestic creatures, that move at their own pace
Each one unique, with a lesson to teach,
and a message for us, within our reach
The wolf, with its pack and its howl so bold,
reminds us to trust and to be uncontrolled,
to follow our hearts, and to run free

To be true to ourselves, wild and free
The bear, with its strength and its towering size,
teaches us to stand tall, with courage and pride,
To be confident in who we are and what we believe,
to face our fears head-on, and never to leave

The eagle, with its wings that span the sky
shows us how to soar and to aim high,
to see beyond the horizon, to never give in,
to be fearless, to rise above, and to begin

The fox, with its cunning and its quick wit
teaches us to be resourceful and to never quit,
To navigate the twists and turns of life
with intelligence and grace, and without strife

Each spirit animal, a guide and a friend,
A teacher and a mentor, from beginning to end
A reminder that within us, there lies a spark,
a power and a magic, that shines in the dark